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Join Ronnie Shellist as he covers some of his favorite 2nd position blues riffs to help you build up your riff vocabulary. To break things up a bit, each new idea presented will begin on a new note choice so you’ll never feel stuck landing on a particular hole or bend. You’ll have a way to create a riff from many different note choices. We will also cover some specific IV and V chord riffs. There ended up being a total of 31 licks. Some lines contain multiple licks.

You’ll quickly find that all of the 1 chord riffs are also relevant over the IV and V chord. This is why I’ll also target some specific ideas just for the IV and V chords. During class, I’ll have a blank google document up on the screen. After you hear me play a riff, you’ll have a chance to ear train the idea before I type it out. Then, at the end of class, I’ll send you the class recording and the notes of the riffs that we created in class.


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