Learn to sing the blues part 2 with Andrew Duncanson class recording


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Sing the blues part 2. Song: Terre Haute key of A, harmonica key of D

Andrew Duncanson, lead singer for the Kilborn Alley Blues Band and world class vocalist, is going to take us through an original song that we recorded together a few years back with his band. The song, Terre Haute, can be found here on YouTube. I am playing the harmonica parts which I discuss in this class. For the focus of the class, Andrew will be going through this song and providing you some vocal tips and discussing the creative process of his song writing. How do you go about getting into the creative mind set for writing a song and what types considerations come up? These include but are not limited to the key, format, style of blues and much more.

In addition, this class will include an updated version of the original song with the vocals and harmonica parts removed so you can practice those along with the track. Lastly, we have also decided to include a short set of live music after class ends. We will break for 5 min or so and then play a 30 min set of music for the attendees as a way to bring it all together.


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