Slim Harpo: Rainin’ In My Heart/Baby Scratch My Back Class Recording


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For this class will utilize a C and Bb harmonica. We will cover the harmonica parts in both songs with “Rainin’ In My Heart” in the key of G played on a C harmonica (2nd position) and “Baby Scratch My Back” played in F on a Bb harmonica (2nd position). This are some of Slim’s most popular songs and learning the harmonica parts is a perfect challenge for beginners and intermediate players.”Rainin’ In My Heart” is a wonderful 8 bar blues so if you’re looking to add to your knowledge of 8 bar blues, this is a great one and the groove is a nice mid tempo stroll which is unique.

I’ll break down the lines note for note, discuss the phrasing and also give beginners substitute single note versions of phrases where advanced technique is involved. I’ll also teach how to play the chicken scratch part of “Baby Scratch My Back” which is played on the guitar. We will simply transpose it to the harmonica. One great part about learning these songs is that they contain plenty of tongue blocking techniques such as: octaves & splits mixed in with the single notes. So, it’s wonderful practice for getting these techniques integrated into your playing.

Be sure to download the pdf of notes and class link (embedded in notes) at checkout.


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