Slow Motion Blues Riffs class recording


Download the PDF at checkout for the class link and notes.

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This is a class recording (1.5 hrs) and includes tablature to the riffs

Spend an hour with Ronnie Shellist as he dives deep into ear training madness. We will spend 20 minutes on 2nd position, 20 minutes on 3rd position and 20 minutes on 1st position. Each segment you’ll have a chance to try to find, by ear, the ideas that Ronnie is playing. The riffs begin at normal speed and then I will gradually go slower and slower. Why? This will give all level players a chance to find the riffs by ear. If you are having trouble decoding them, Ronnie will discuss/break down the riffs after the slowest version. In this lesson, a pdf of the typed tablature is included. 

This class will really push you to develop your ability to hear more detail in the music. There will not be any slides or notes but the entire event will be recorded so you can go back and practice again and again. Bring a note pad and harmonicas in the key of C and A. This should be a fun one.


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