Social, jam session & ear training class

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Please download 2 pdfs at checkout: improvisation notes and the recording link.
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This class is part social hang, part jam session, part ear training and part listening party! We will absolutely be learning along the way.

In this class, which will be recorded, you can sip on our favorite beverage, listen to some hand-picked favorite harmonica heavy songs from yours truly and work with a few backing tracks to trade off jamming with me. I will also challenge the group with some fun licks to figure out along the way during the jam session. This will provide you with some good ear training.

For the jam session portion, I’ll have the backing track pushed through the Zoom so that we can both hear the track. I’ll play and then I will leave space for you to play your own ideas. I imagine it like a call & response jam session where you can try to repeat what I’m playing or just play something unique as a response.

I think it’ll be fun to take questions from the group, talk about a mix of my favorite harp players and listen to some of their solos to discuss, jam a bit and connect.


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