Spring Global Blues Harmonica Summit (#12) Recording


Please download the PDF containing all of the information for the class recording links, notes, mp3s etc.
The Spring Global Blues Harmonica Summit

2 day event recording

This online Global Blues Harmonica Summit featured Carlos del Junco, Hank Shreve, Adam Gussow and Ronnie Shellist.  This summit was hosted over a full weekend, Saturday & Sunday, and the entire event was recorded. This recorded event includes each instructor’s teaching session and a Q&A session from each day. You’ll also get access to all of the notes, handouts, tablature, practice mp3 tracks, original songs presented. It’s quite thorough.

Here’s are the songs that were covered in the summit. Be sure to click the links and have a listen.

  • Adam Gussow: “Thunky Fing” is one of Adam’s hit instrumentals and he’s gonna show you just how it’s done. Have a listen.
  • Carlos del Junco:  Carlos will teach portions of his version of “Mojo”. He will use an A harmonica for some parts but at 4:10 where the drum break is, there’s some amazing harmonica playing that help break down on an E harmonica. Have a listen.
  • Hank Shreve: Hank will be covering a 3rd position solo (key of A, G harmonica) from his original song “Light Me Up”. He’ll also use a D harmonica to break down some ideas from the intro of the song.  Have a listen.
  • Ronnie Shellist: Ronnie Shellist will be teaching you his harp lines from his original composition:”Rumba de la Casa Roja”. It’s in the key of F so you’ll need a Bb harmonica. Have a listen.



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