Taj Mahal Harmonica Class


Download the 2 PDF files at CHECKOUT for class link and notes.  You will need an Eb and D harmonica for the songs that we are covering.

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Join Ronnie Shellist on March 28th at 11am Central. In this class, Ronni will be discussing 4 songs by Taj Majal:

  • She Caught The Katy (Eb harmonica)
  • Corina (D harmonica)
  • Leaving Trunk (Eb harmonica)
  • Going to the country, Paint my mailbox blue (Eb harmonica)

All of these songs are played in 2nd position and we will be taking some key riffs and phrases in each song to dissect and learn. I’ll include a simple PDF with some tablature and class notes. Taj has a really cool approach to his phrasing and sound and I think this will make for a really fun class.


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