Technique focused ear training class recording


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You will need harmonicas in the key of C, A and G for this class.

Quite a while back I taught two important classes: Blending Technique for Musical Texture and Ear Training. Blending Technique was a class designed to help learners work on combing techniques to fill out their sound. It covers various combinations of techniques and how we can blend those together to produce a new sound; as well as combining techniques within phrasing. In the Ear Training class, we worked on ear training a bit of technique, musical intervals, and a variety of blues licks. These two classes are the perfect pre-cursor to the upcoming class and are 100% related. They’re also currently on sale so be sure to grab them if you don’t have them.

What’s that sound?!

For this class, “Technique Focused Ear Training“, we will take a deeper dive into the sounds of technique. You’ll be working on identifying various techniques and combinations of techniques. We will examine different types of warbles, tongue blocking technique, bends, vibratos, dirty notes etc. Ronnie will play the technique(s) first and then you’ll have a chance to try to find and replicate the idea. Then, Ronnie will decode and discuss what he played.  Why would you want to do this? Developing your ear to be able to recognize these various techniques and find them will help you to more efficiently decode blues harp that you hear in your favorite recordings or at live shows. This all translates to making you a stronger ear player which is an essential part of working on improvisation. Your goal in this class is to see how much detail you can find in each idea presented. Not only will you be trying to figure what the technique is but you’ll also be working on locating where I am playing it on the harmonica.


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