Technique practice & exercises class recording


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Technique practice & exercises class

Join Ronnie Shellist as he covers a handful of technique practice exercises. You will need a C & A harmonicas.

We will begin with a  review of the mechanics of each technique. Then, we will jump into  practicing bending, octaves & splits, hand wah, warbles, vibrato and tongue blocking specifically. This class will be a review for some folks as I’ve covered some of these exercises in various classes over the years. Practicing technique on your instrument is something you should do on a regular basis to maintain and/or boost your skill.

There are not any notes to download for this class. Students are encouraged take notes as we go along. I will be using the whiteboard to type out a few of the exercises to make it easier to follow along. I will also save and share that whiteboard with attendees after class ends. This class will be recorded for playback and download.


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