The Dig 3 harmonica class recording


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Join Ronnie Shellist (special guest appearance from Gerry Hundt), as he covers a handful of the harmonica heavy songs from his newer album: The Dig 3. This is CD has some of the most low down blues you can find out there today! It features Andrew Duncanson (vocals), Gerry Hundt (multiple instruments) and Ronnie Shellist (harmonica). Consider downloading the digital album first, which is on sale for $12, right here.  Then, join Ronnie for this 45 minute class. You can take a listen to the songs here on my bandcamp page. 

You will need an A harmonica for this class. I have selected 3 songs, all of which are in the ket of E played in 2nd position on an A harmonica. We will be discussing the riffs, phrasing, technique and even some of the gear that I used in the studio on these recordings.  I’ll provide some harmonica tablature as well. Everything will be recorded.


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