William Clarke’s “Trying to Stretch My Money” class recording


 There will be 1 pdf  to download. The class recording link is inside of the notes!
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“Trying to Stretch My Money” is in the key of A played on a  D harmonica (2nd position)

This is an amazing song study by the great William Clarke! This is a phenomenal acoustic blues in 2nd position in the key of A played on a D harmonica. I love how clean his playing is in this recording You can hear all of the detail and nuance going on with his technique.

For this class, I will provide the tablature to you. Ronnie covers the nuances of Clarke’s phrasing and technique in class as he slows down those riffs. The notes are very detailed with regard to timestamps and the riffs that correlate to them in the song. I have provided short sections to work on so you’ll see many time stamps with just a riff or two at times. This way as you listen to the song it will not be confusing where the tabs relate to the solo etc.


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