Turnarounds & V chord ideas in 12 bar blues class recording


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Join Ronnie Shellist as we examine bars 11 & 12 in a 12 bar blues progression carefully. This is a very common area that players get stuck playing the same ideas. It’s a perfect opportunity to get creative and find new ideas which makes improvisation much more enjoyable.

I also recorded some audio tracks of my own V chord and turnaround ideas that come from the notes. This way you’ll have some easy to follow audio files for some of the ideas.

I have also decided to include some discussion and examples of how to get out of the rut on bars 9-12 where we see the V chord pop up for a full measure on bar 9, then the IV chord for a full measure on bar 10 as we make our way into the turnaround on bars 11 & 12.

In this class we will use a harmonica in the key of A and possibly C. I’ll not only teach some classic turnarounds from the greats but I will also be creating and finding fresh ideas in the moment that we can learn. This should really open up your ability to find new ideas. I’ll also be demonstrating how I take scale notes first to begin those fresh turnarounds. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to work these into your practice and playing in no time.


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