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Visualization Techniques Class Recording


Download the PDF containing the class notes and recording link after clicking Place Order. Look under the Downloads column.

This class will provide you with visualization techniques and approaches as they relate to the diatonic harmonica, diatonic harmonica technique and the musical ideas that you play. We will use a C harmonica and meet on the Zoom webinar platform via the link provided in the PDF at checkout.

What is visualization and why is it important? Simply put, you’re building a mental model of the harmonica in your mind; as well as the music you play on it. There are several advantages to working on visualization techniques.

  • Improves recall and retention of ideas
  • Improves accuracy
  • Awareness of dynamic range
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Sharpens technique
  • Emotional connection
  • Shape tone
  • Awareness of note locations and musical choices

In class I’ll get into how we can begin to work on creating your own visualization approach while listening, practicing and performing.


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