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The lessons found below were all uploaded to YouTube as and when they were created. At the time, there was no plan or method as I created videos that I felt were interesting subjects or topics of interest that were raised by followers. I have display these videos in sections based on what I believe to be the level required to get the best from the content. They are not yet listed in the sequence they should be watched but that may happen in a later update to the page!

Beginner Video Lessons

03:38:00Beginner Harmonica Tips #1: Clean Single Notes and Learning a MelodyWatch1
04:11:00Beginner Harmonica Tips #2: Relaxed BreathingWatch2
02:45:00Beginner Tip #3: Major Scale on C harmonicaWatch3
04:29:00Weekly Harmonica Lesson. Tip #7-Beginner ChecklistWatch4
05:17:00Emotion in your musicWatch5
08:20:00Simple written tablature system for harmonicaWatch6
03:03:00Weekly Harmonica Lessons: Tip #1-Proper BreathingWatch7
04:11:00Weekly Harmonica Lesson: Tip #2 Tongue Articulation and SpeedWatch8
04:41:00Weekly Harmonica Lesson: Tip #4: Hand Effects: Wah WahWatch9
07:46:00Blues Harmonica EssentialsWatch10
02:14:00Beginner Tip #5: Beginner Blues RiffWatch11
16:55:00Top 10 Issues Harmonica Players Face and How to Solve ThemWatch12
07:42:00The Ultimate Harmonica Wah WahWatch13
05:55:00Harmonica Embouchure: Pucker vs Tongue BlockingWatch14
06:11:00Note Relationships on a 10 hole Diatonic HarmonicaWatch15

Beginner/Intermediate Video Lessons

05:38:00You Call the Shots: Focus on breathWatch1
01:56:00Be in the moment when you play music.Watch2

Intermediate Video Lessons

04:51:00Chord Pops & Dirty WarblesWatch
21:21:00Tongue blocking approaches for harmonica and much much more!Watch
14:23:00Blues Harp Texture and Dynamics part 2Watch
14:06:00Blues Harp Texture and DynamicsWatch
19:17:00Ultra Bluesy riffs on a C harmonicaWatch
04:39:00G harmonica-looping blues riffsWatch
08:16:00Chromatic harmonica in the key of CWatch
14:54:00Talking Gary Primich-Bb harmonicaWatch
11:21:00Blowin harp and chatting 3rd positionWatch
15:36:00Killer 3rd Position Riff & GBHS Info.Watch
02:25:00Beginner Tip #4 Octave PracticeWatch
05:00:00Looping Blues Riffs from Harmonica123-C HarmonicaWatch
08:39:00Blues Harp: Vibrato TipsWatch
06:51:00Don’t Stop BreathingWatch
06:24:00Mixing tongue blocking and puckering on the harmonicaWatch
08:41:00Harmonica Sounds & Techniques ReferenceWatch
02:49:00The Ultimate Harmonica Wah Wah Part 2Watch
07:41:00Improvisation: Mini Game of Chess (part 4)Watch
06:24:00Talkin’ 1st Position Blues on the HarmonicaWatch
09:00:00Blues Harmonica Improvisation Tips (part 3): Building Around The GrooveWatch
06:00:00Learning Melodies in Cross Harmonica (2nd Position): Amazing GraceWatch
07:57:00Blues Harmonica Improvisation Tips (part 2): Pocket Playing/SimplicityWatch
05:22:00Blues Harmonica Improvisation Tips (part I): Switching It UpWatch
08:34:00Approaching High Key HarmonicasWatch
08:24:00Circular Blues Riffs on Harmonica:Triplets (harmonica key of A)Watch
05:47:00You Call The Shots: To Play or Not to Play, Clean or DirtyWatch
04:30:00You Call The Shots: Talkin ’bout William ClarkeWatch
06:58:00You Call The Shots: Changing your Approach to Different GroovesWatch
06:41:00Learn a harmonica lick, new CD info, new lesson (Find Your Inner Groove)Watch
05:51:00Note Relationships Part 2Watch
12:03:00Note Relationships part 1Watch
05:02:00Ideas from the V chord in 12 Bar Blues: A HarmonicaWatch
07:30:00Fox Chase and Chugging on the harmonicaWatch
10:54:00Boogie Rhythm on harmonica and Playing over I IV V progressionWatch
04:14:00Harmonica lesson on leaving spaceWatch
01:29:00Harmonica jam with holes 2,3,4Watch
02:21:001st,2nd,3rd Position over Up Beat BluesWatch
07:26:00Harp Talk Thursday: Tongue Flutter, Vibrato and Funky Blues News!Watch
07:28:00Harp Talk Thursday: Jimmy Reed’s “Bright Lights Big City”Watch
06:43:00Harp Talk Thursday: questions from subscribers (blues scale and more)Watch
03:29:00Hoochie Coochie Lick Lesson Tip #18Watch
10:13:00Tip #17: Perfecting 3 hole draw bends on the diatonic harmonicaWatch
06:40:00Rhythm, Timing, Phrasing Tip #16Watch
06:45:00Tip # 15, Big Walter Horton LessonWatch
09:33:00Sonny Boy Williamson II tips on C harmonicaWatch
07:04:00100th Video. Slow Blues Tips. A harmonicaWatch
05:45:00Blues harmonica lesson on layering your solos: D harpWatch
04:04:00Cool Rhythm Lesson on harmonica in the key of AWatch
04:58:001st Position Blues HarmonicaWatch
03:34:00Blues Harmonica Tabs on a C harmonicaWatch
03:06:00Playing on, ahead or behind the beatWatch
04:18:00Weekly Lesson: Tip#11 12 Bar Blues SolosWatch
03:28:00Weekly Harmonica Lesson: Tip#10: Splits and OctavesWatch
02:52:00Weekly Harmonica Lesson: Tip #8 Intermediate Blues ChecklistWatch
03:56:00Weekly Harmonica Lesson: Tip #6 Blow BendsWatch
03:02:00Weekly Harmonica Lesson: Tip #5: holes 1, 2 and 3 onlyWatch
03:21:00Weekly Harmonica Lesson: Tip #3: BendingWatch
03:05:00Harmonica lesson regarding rhythm/tongue positionWatch
02:43:00Rhythm riff lesson for harmonica on Ab harmonicaWatch
03:42:00Harmonica Lesson on Vibratos/www.Harmonica123.comWatch
03:52:00Harmonica Lesson: BendingWatch
03:19:00Blues harmonica lesson 1: breathing/bends ( G harmonica)Watch
06:55:00s Approach to Improvising with David BarrettWatch
12:32:003 hole shuffle breakdown part 2Watch
12:44:00bend on the harmonica like a proWatch
04:40:00how to get a super bluesy vibrato on the harmonicaWatch
07:23:00Bending/Groove Practice on C harmonicaWatch
05:36:002 draw vs 3 blow on the diatonic harmonicaWatch
08:09:00Basic understanding of positions on the diatonic harmonicaWatch
02:03:00blues harmonica phrasing, strategy for building solosWatch
04:55:003 crucial blues harmonica improvisation approaches-C harmonicaWatch
11:27:003 hole shuffle breakdown part 1Watch
19:14:00Transposing second position to first position by earWatch

Advanced Video Lessons

04:04:00Blues Riff by Ear #1-A HarmonicaWatch1
03:11:00Blues Riff By Ear #2 C HarmonicaWatch2
03:43:00Blues Riff by Ear #3-G HarmonicaWatch3
02:31:00Blues Riff by Ear #4-G HarmonicaWatch4
04:29:00Advanced Harmonica Riff and Breath Control ChallengeWatch5
04:41:00Advanced Intermediate Harmonica Play Along: Harmonica in the key of AWatch6
03:36:00Weekly Harmonica Lesson: Tip #9 Advanced ChecklistWatch7
08:57:00Lesson on using one position for various groovesWatch8
03:50:00Cross harp jam with no blow notesWatch9
07:04:00Playing fast on the 10 hole harmonicaWatch10
09:15:00Study in Paul Butterfield Blues harmonicaWatch11
04:27:00G harmonica – jaw movements & embouchure for efficiency and speedWatch12
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